Omni Wine Aerator

For the ultimate wine drinking experience, nothing surpasses the handheld Vintorio Omni Wine Aerator. Harsh tannins disappear giving way to a rich, smooth mouthfeel and gorgeous bouquet whenever you use the Omni. If you're serious about enjoying wine you need the Omni in your life. You'll wonder how you ever survived without it.

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Type: Wine Aerator

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For the finest of fine wine drinking, the Omni Aerator has you covered.

Incorporated into its unique design are two proven aeration methods which have stood the test of time. Using a traditional decanter funnel and combining it with top of the line modern aeration innovations, the Omni dramatically aerates your wine, helping it to reach perfection by the time it hits your glass. A wide funnel with a deep chamber reduces splashing and spilling then opens into the inner wall of the aerator where small grooves allow the wine to waterfall into the bottom section. This is where the Bernoulli Effect takes place. Your wine is infused with the ideal amount of oxygen as it pours into your glass.

Vintorio Wine Aerator - Wine Gift for Her or Wine Gift for Him

Reliable and time-tested aeration.

Use the Omni for your everyday wines and those special bottles that you've been saving for just the right occasion. Our aerator is as gentle as it is effective and the results will always be the same – time after time, the Omni will instantly draw out the best in every wine bottle. All that's left is for you to sit back, relax, and let the stunning aromas and flavors of your wine wash over you. Don't wait for your decanted wine to breathe. For the finest of fine wine drinking, the Omni has you covered.

Vintorio Wine Aerator - A great gift for wine drinkers

Simple to clean and beautifully designed.

The Vintorio Omni Aerator dissembles into two parts for effortless care and maintenance. No hard to reach areas with loads of wine build-up or small pieces which are all too easily lost like most other standard aerators. It even comes with a non-drip stand and travel pouch for maximum convenience. With its beautiful, classic design, the Omni Aerator isn't just functional, it's a piece of art. Made from crystal clear FDA-approved acrylic, the Omni is ultra-durable and will last you for a lifetime of incomparable wine drinking pleasure.

Vintorio Wine Aerator or Wine Diffuser - Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

The Omni Aerator.

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