Omni Screw-Pull Lever Wine Bottle Opener

Kiss hard-to-open bottles goodbye with the Omni Screw-pull Lever Wine Bottle Opener. This easy to use, gorgeous wine opener is a must-have for every wine lover. After all, life is hard enough. Why not make things easier with the Omni?

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Type: Wine Opener

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Impress your friends with this next level wine opener.

Corkscrews are excellent, essential tools for every wine lover, but sometimes we find ourselves wanting to simplify things and make them truly effortless. If you thought opening a bottle of wine begins and ends with the corkscrew, think again. It's time to take your wine game to the next level.

Pair with the Vintorio Omni Wine Aerator for a unique wine decanter set

Seamless power.

Open a bottle of wine in just three seconds flat with the Omni Screw-pull Level Bottle Opener. Uncorking a bottle of wine has literally never been easier. All it takes is one smooth up and down motion to seamless remove the cork and before you know it, you're ready to start sipping your wine. Pump the lever again and the cork ejects instantly. No spills, no having to rely on battery or electricity. The power rests in your hands.

Vintorio Omni Wine Opener - Non-electric wine opener

Sleek and reliable design.

With its sleek design, this ultra-durable bottle opener is made from high-quality stainless steel and will provide you with many years of easy, stress-free bottle opening. The inner mechanics will never wear out – the Omni Wine Opener is reliable from the first time you use it to well beyond the thousandth. It's ideal for both time-saving and anyone who enjoys a glass of wine but wants to avoid yanking and twisting to force the cork out of the bottle.

The Omni Wine Opener is the gift for someone who has everything

A great gift for the one who has everything.

A fantastic showpiece that's as beautiful as it is functional. The Omni Screw-pull level bottle opener offers you peace of mind when it comes to uncorking wine bottles and with its beautiful presentation and luxury gift box packaging, also makes a superb gift – whether for a friend, co-worker, loved one or yourself!

This set also comes with a dynamic foil cutter which will give you the cleanest cuts available. Simply place the foil cutter over the seal of the bottle, squeeze, and turn. Voila! The foil capsule is gone and the cork is ready to be removed.

Omni: The best wine opener and the last wine opener you'll ever need.

The Omni Wine Opener.

You won't be disappointed.

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